Jennifer “Jennie” Ketcham (born February 22, 1983) is medical social worker, an American writer, reality television personality, blogger, artist, and former pornographic actress and film director. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey ShowThe Tyra Banks ShowThe ViewEntertainment TonightExtra and Lifechangers to discuss sex addiction, and her blog has been featured on Last Call with Carson Daly

-Adapted from Wikipedia.

In addition to her writing career and foray into reality television, Jennie graduated with a Masters in Social Work from the University Washington, and is currently the lead medical social worker at The Polyclinic. Jennie has facilitated a variety of Mindfulness-Based groups, such as Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, & Mindfulness 101, and currently acts as a brief interventionist in a primary care setting.

She loves traveling, hiking, snow sports, meditation, and yoga, and is *mildly obsessed* with kayaking (though she does not presently own a kayak). Her professional interests center on program development, evidence-based treatments that utilize acceptance and mindfulness-based interventions for individuals, couples, and families, and and all things self-care.

If you’d like to contact Jennie for bookings, please email info@simonspeakers.com or complete this contact form. 


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jenny. Wrote on your old site, you replied back, thank you. Congratulations on your marriage. Overall you seem to be doing well. Trying to remember what you wrote without clicking back. Just want to say reading your book made a difference in my life. Like you said people are just people with the same hopes and dreams and struggles in life, no matter what industry they are in. Please always remember how wonderful you are. You talk about your feelings very well When I first wrote I explained that we had some things in common, I tend to sabotage relationships. I have found thee woman I want in my life. Problem is she does not see us as more than friends. She has been through so much. I truly love her, and have told her. I have helped her with things, we talk about everything, but we never go places together. I have struggled to figure this out. Who can explain attraction, for as much as we care about each other I can’t believe there is nothing there. I am not giving up. She has been through a divorce and is trying to find herself. I love her. Hope all the best for you and your husband, I will pray for you. Just take things one day at a time. Hope to hear from you, will try to follow your endeavors. Take care.

    Phil from Cleveland

  2. Just read hlntv.com article on you, knowing your story and where you at now just restored hope in humanity for me. I’m also pursuring a post-grad degree. Wish you luck on your path and hopefully hear from you more in the future.

    I wish you a smooth sail ahead, you awesome person.

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